June 30, 2008

Old MacAaron had a.....

day at a Folklife Festival. A small community about a hour north of us, and in another part of PA Dutch country has a big folklike festival. Its mostly crafts (made by hand, some the old fashioned way), music, Germanic influenced fair foods, and some "olden times" demonstrations... and lots of fun for the kiddos... here is Aaron in action!

June 27, 2008

I've been BRANDED!!

(but I'm no fool... sorry had to have a Grease reference in here)

As you can see, I've got my new venture branded now... woo hoo :)


June 18, 2008


I have 2 tiny 'maters growing... woohoo!

June 06, 2008

Rock the Casbah...

That's me these days... rockin'! Last night I had my first Belly Dancing class... swivel those hips! Goodness knows I've got more than my fair share to bump & shimmy with. It was a nice workout, even for a plump one like me :) (although I did sweat more in my Wednesay Yoga class).

Speaking of hot desert activities...Todd and I in our effort to really become tre-hugging,, earth lovining 21st century hippies, we're attempting to go A/C free this summer. Our first true test will be this weekend, as we are supposed to hit the upper 90's Saturday and Sunday. PHEW!


June 03, 2008

Launching a New Ship!

This Blog has given birth to a new venture (who new an online entity could be a parent!??!!??)

LittleMissGreenJeans is now an online shop "filled" with handcrafted items recycled and reused. Come check us out (new things are going to be added each month this summer as we gear up for ou official debut at the Lititz Craft Fair) :)