October 01, 2007

Some Basics to "Green" Living

The number one rule we as a family are trying hard to adhere to is shopping local. As store owners we know how hard it is to make ends meet, especially in a business where we have to compete with the big faceless, non-customer friendly box stores. But that's not the only reason. Did you know that with a box/chain store the average amount of $ that is funneled into the local economy is around 10% of their income, whereas a locally owned store will funnel about 75% back to the local economy? That means your local "mom & pop" shops are the ones paying for the schools, police, fire fighters, and local road improvement projects. Also, online companies like Amazon, funnel ZERO profits to the community (unless one of their warehouses is located there, then it is only the salaries of the workers). More importantly, we'd like to know where our food and goods are coming from. Here are some resources for those looking to invest in their community by shopping local:
Buy Fresh Buy Local

Don't forget to check out your local yellow pages for listings of locally owned grocery stores! The selection may be slimmer than at a super store, but the meat, dairy, eggs, and breads are fresh; and the money's earned there go back to your local economy! (and they prices are usually just as good as the super store's!)


(okay, that was a lame "Mommy Dearest" impression, but you get the idea).

This is one of the simplest things a family can do. If nothing else, request paper bags at check out, then put them aside to re-use, or recycle them!
There are also many great places to find re-usable shopping totes. The first place to look is your local grocery store. Many have mesh totes for sale right up close to the check out counter. Also, many of us have family members (if not ourselves) that attend business conferences, where a tote is part of the "freebies". Keep 'em, keep a few in the car for last minute milk (and cookie) runs. Keep them around the kitchen, keep them at work. We're trying to amass a collection of them ourselves to keep everywhere we may be when we think of heading to a store.
Worried you'll look like a noob (yep, another Sammie made up word!) when you get to the check out? Never fear, if I can do it, you can! I think of it as a chance to teach others about how to "save the earth", not to mention the example I'm setting for my son and his generation.
Don't have any bags to use? Here are some sources:

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