December 28, 2007


What Would Maria Montessori Do?

Our son attends a wonderful Montessori school.... academically at least. But I'm not so sure the grand dame Maria would appreciate how the board conducts business and raises funds for the school. I have found in the past year that it is in fact VERY elitist, and actually has fundraisers that encourage the rich to get richer. When a local store wants to help raise funds they get no support, yet weekly we are inundated with pleas from the school to support chain store giving. I'm just not so sure that Maria Montessori would go for that. My thinking is that she'd be very into sustainable living and supporting ALL children, not just those born into the wealthiest families in a community (no scholarships or grants are given at this school). My child is learning and flourishing, and makes us so proud, but I just had to vent about the direction the school chooses to go in it's fundraising and development. Just a vent, no real thoughts, and definitely not very green related.
Peace to all children !

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