July 26, 2008

EEK! Where did I go???

The summer has flown by and I've been busy busy busy.. mostly with the store (WAHOO!), but also with crafting for our big debut at the Lititz Craft Fair.

Quick updates:

  • Aaron is loving his day camp at his Montessori school. Last week was cooking, and he came home with a camp cookbook, we're gonna tray making fortune cookies soon!
  • Lititz has it's own Farmer's Market, and we are diligent buyers. We've gone to the gorcery store once in the past 4 weeks for pantry items (we do get milk and bread regularly, though), but all our other foods are coming from the market... the BEST bacon ever is there (and since I've eaten bacon 5 out of 7 days each week for at least 20 years or so, I know my bacons!)
  • Store has been hopping... we meet our quota daily, and sometimes exceed it by 400%! Now if we could just get these folks to come back in January and February (pesky fair weather tourists!)
  • Aaron has had his first of 2 trips to Virginia this summer, and got to see Williamsburg. His tour of colonial hotspots will end with our family vacation of Valley Forge & Philly in October (for those keeping track he's also visited Plymouth, Boston, & Jamestown)... next up is his intro to the Civil War with a Grandaddy guided tour of Gettysburg in August... nope he's not being raised by history buffs... nope, not at all!

I promise to be back with more words of green wisdom next month when things slow down a bit :)

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