September 15, 2008

A school I'd love to go to!

I don't reveiw books here that often. Mainly cause I'm no good at it. But this books totally rocked my reading world! The writing was so well done, filled with passion and clarity. (in other words some one like me that prefers "fluff" can "get it").

The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister

The book takes place at a cooking school. But this one has no recipes, just a love of flavor. Each chapter is a different week of the school, and focuses on a different member of the class. Each person, including the teacher, comes to the class with a past, and a need to interact. I swear this teacher is magical in bringing these people together the way she did. She just KNOWS.... The personal stories are interspered with the cooking and YOWZA. The descriptions of the ingredients and how they affect our senses of smell, touch, and taste are absolutely amazing. I salavate as I read each chapter. At one point I had to read a portion out loud to Todd, it was just so filled with powerful imagery that the passage took me to this home in Italy the character was remembering.

Now the book doesn't come out 'til next year, but you HAVE to add this to your January '09 shopping list (we'll have plenty of copies at Aaron's! hee hee)

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pinkcypress said...

Sounds like a great book!