May 25, 2008

France, Finishing, & Farms....

A hodgepodge of updates

1) My son is a "Frog"! okay not really, besides if so he'd really be a tadpole :) (bad Sammie humor, what do you expect??) His class studied France this year (did you know stained glass and the hot air balloon were invented in France?). On their last day each class performs songs from the country they studied for the school and parents. Here are some pix from last Wednesday's "Morning of Arts & Culture" from The Montessori Academy of Lancaster.... in pre-school handmade berets! :)

2) I'm done! It's over! WOOHOO to me.... one cross-stitch project that is. Dad's insignia piece is now at the framer's and should be on his way to him next month. Merry Christmas and Happy Father's Day you instigator! :) (PS- I spared you the big American flag frame Aaron wanted to put on it to remind you of your job! hehe)

3) These little piggies went to market... yesterday was the first day of our town's new Farmer's Market. It's small right now, but will grow quickly. Some stands ran out of products by 9:30! Everything sold at this market has to be produce no more than 30 miles from the town... We're LOCAVORES! we got some great pies, breads, grass fed meats, and yummy yummy tomatoes and strawberries.... I need to find a good vegetarian cookbook that describes different veggies and how to cook them, so we can experiment this summer... Aaron went around yesterday proudly telling everyone that he's going "vetrenarian" and "vegiturium"... Love him! It was neat to be out with the community, since we are usually in the store during town events like this. Some of our regular customers, even let us cut them in line at the stands, since they knew we had to get the store open by nine :)

4) In other news..... This is the week Aaron is taking his first "solo" trip. He and Todd are driving to Pittsburgh to meet his Papa, then he's off to Cleveland for the week... mom is going to be soooo lonely BUT also enjoy a few afternoon and nights of fluff reading and crafting! .... I had my follow up visit at my doctor's office... the good news is the back problem is not bone or disk related... just chronic muscle problems that I aggravated, and I'll continue to have lower back problems for the rest of my life... phew! I'll be taking a yoga class this summer to learn some more stretching I can do for it (and a belly dancing class... the best thing for a two left footed chunky gal like me!)... My garden is growing, SLOWLY. I killed our strawberry plants, a sage plant, and a tomato plant. Not too bad considering this is the first time ever I've attempted to grow anything. I did replace the strawberry plants with one that already had two small berries growing on it, so we'll see if I have any success in actually harvesting something other than leaves! store news- we're changing things around again! (SHOCK!) We bought 3 more bookcases, and will be shifting and expanding non-fiction this week (yep, that would be the same non-fiction section we culled down in January)

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