May 13, 2008

It's a Doggie Dog World...

For Mother's Day my boys took me to the local dog show.. of course we had to get there early to see the Rodesian Ridgebacks... below are shots of our adventures at the ring with the hounds (shocking to see how a well behaved dog couldbe... we don't have any experience with those!)

After seeing the Ridgebacks, we browsed the other rings, and did some shopping. PAris and Penny got new beds for their crates, some new chewies. Aaron picked out a racood furry squeaky toy for Paris. We now play "EEK! There's a Racoon In the House" and PAris loves saving us from the evil critter... of course he also sleeps with it it! He may be old, but he's a luv puppy at heart :)

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jessie said...

One of my new coworkers had a ridgeback!