January 19, 2008

Dragons, Snowmen & Laptops... OH MY!

I have slain a dragon...sorta. I dove headfirst into my cross-stitch this week, and have finished the dragon portion of my dad's insignia collage. PHEW! For the seasoned stitchers it's probably easy-peasy, but for me picking it up again after a 10 year hiatus it was tricky... First it is on 18 count Aida, which means teeny-tiny holes for teeny tiny "x's"... and there is no pattern. I took a small JPEG and printed it onto 8X11 graph paper, so it's fuzzy and doesn't have many straight lines... so here's a photo show of it's progress, the first picture being the JPEG.

Once this baby is done, then I get to tackle this one (same things, JPEG printed onto graph paper) Oh Goody!... I do love doing this though, and am a tad prideful of my accomplishments on this puppy :)

ATTACK OF THE SNOWMEN! On Wednesday afternoon & evening we had our first snowfall of the winter. It was the great snowman making type, so Aaron and Todd went out and decorated the Dosie Dough patio tables with a little snowman army. The Dosie Dough staff thought it was great and spent the morning trying to solve the mystery of who created them. (Julie guess right- Aaron!)

The Saga of the Laptop... So Santa bought Aaron one of the "One Laptop Per Child" XO laptops. He ordered it the day they went on the market, expecting it to arrive by the 24th as promised... alas on the 20th we got an email saying they were swamped with orders and it would be to us by the 15th of January... it didn't show up that day, so I emailed them. They quickly emailed back and said to email again if it was not in our hands by the close of business.. I waited 2 more days, still no laptop, emailed again on the 17th.. got a lovely auto-reply saying it could be 5 days before they got back to me... totally unacceptable by my account, since I was only doing what they asked me to... got a reply this morning.. turns out we would have had it by the 24th BUT UPS doesn't recognize the address (we technically have 4 addresses, depending on the utility or postal carrier). So it took them 8 weeks to figure this out and contact us???? I'm soooooo tempted to call and offer them my non-profit consulting services, cause that is just basic customer service: Contact buyers in a timely fashion if there is a problem... duh! So... they now have an address UPS will accept, and hopefully Aaron will be logged on and ready to go by the end of next week :)

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