January 15, 2008

I Bow Down To The Greatness of...


You read that right...Vinegar is tops in my list these days. Todd and I took to heart the list of "green" cleaning products and invested heavily (all of $2) in a gallon on vinegar. Talk about packing a punch. This Sunday was our first day off since Thanksgiving, so our kitchen needed some heavy duty scrubbing... and my man vinegar was up for the challenge. a 1/4 cup in a sink of hot water, and my stove and counter tops were shining in a mere few minutes. My advice? stop spending all that cashola on the super duper heavily advertised products, pinch those pennies and get on the vinegar band wagon (and no my kitchen doesn't smell like vinegar, the fumes dissipated within a minute or two... and honestly so did the shine, since Aaron and I baked Blueberry muffins that afternoon! hehe)
That's the green message today, now onto the crafting updates

I have finished the stitching of the February door hanger:

I'm just going to add a felt backing and some pink ruffles along the sides (take note: that is probably the most "girlie" thing you'll ever see me craft)

Now that I have another month under my belt, it's on to those unfinished christmas presents.

I'm nearly done with one panel of Grandma's table topper (she knows what she's getting so I'm not spoiling any surprises.

Here's what the finished project is going to look like... hopefully!

I've decided to keep one knitting and one x-stitch project here at the store and one of each at the apartment. So I'm also working on dad's insignia collage... right now I'm tackling the 7th Trans dragon:

And lastly... a quick mommy brag. Mr. A finished his phonics and addition units last week and has begun his multiplication tables... so that little 5 year old booger has already surpassed his mommy academically (what is 7x8 again???) hehe.

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