February 06, 2008

Thin Places....

Last Saturday one of our ministers preached and discussed this concept as we begin a Celtic Creation lenten season. Bruce had us think about where and what our "Thin Places" are. Where we feel intouch with a greater spirit. Places, and occassions that make us aware of our part in nature and the grandeur of the unknown.
Here are my Thin Places, what are yours?
  • The Temple Karnak in Egypt- the largest temple built by man, in Luxor Egypt. It may be man-made, but it is definitely connected to a greater power.

  • Sitting on the rocks in Livorno Italy. A great place to just sit, stare at the water, and meditate.

  • Rothenburg, Germany. An old walled city that has stood the test of time for over a thousand years, and is still magical in its winding walls, it's old Europe charm, and beautiful gardens.

  • Hearing Aaron giggle uncontrolably. The laughter of a child is universal, and can heal many a jaded heart.

  • Crafting.... I find that sitting down and cross-stitching has become my own form of meditation. I may not do it as much as I want, but when I do I feel a sense of wholeness.

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KC said...

hands down - sitting on the monastery steps in Frizole, Italy looking down on Florence at sunset.

walking the labyrinth