February 14, 2008


(and no, that does not mean I'm a dominatrix with bad spelling!)
It's a Works In Progress update :)

First up is the insignia collage for my dad. As you can see I'm in the
middle of 4 of the 6 that are going to be on there. I'm doing the harder parts first, then filling in the easier bits later. Right now I'm knee deep in the transportation wheel... again this is me deisgning as I go along from a JPEG printed onto graph paper... so my star and the arrows are a little wonky... but hey it is hand crafted!

Next up is the table topper for A's grandma:

This is the Stained Glass Garden design by Claudia Dutcher. I've got panel one done, and most of the outline for panel 2... this is one I keep at the store to work on.. now I've just got to get my tush from in front of the computer to the chair to do the stiching!

Last on the cross stitch front is the door hanger for next month:

It's part of the month series Flip-It Bits March by Lizzie Kate.

(sorry for the fuzziness)

And lastly.. I'm starting to knit again (I got real discouraged last month since all I can do is the knit stitch to make scarfs... but do enjoy what little I can do)... so now I'm working on Todd's scarf for next year. It's a real pretty hunterish green with flecks of yellow, blue , and mauve woven in (so far I've only gotten to the yellow bits... blue is coming up on the skein soon!)


Meari said...

Your WIPs are looking good. :)

Christine H said...

Looking good.