February 21, 2008


Yes, I am... but this is about light bulbs

Last night I had a SSBN board meeting. At the end some one commented on the home owner's cool new CFL's in her kitchen lamp.. they were tiny, had a regular bulb casing, and worked on the dimmer... so the message today is- CFL's are cool! (literally and figuratively).

Now in our paper recntly people have bemoaned their safety and if they really do work... so here are examples from my life that prove they really are worth it!

1) safety- you could play "monkey in the middle" with these puppies and feel safe! Todd and I moved all our lamps with the bulbs in them from the house to the apartment and not one single one broke
2) value- you bet your bippy! We have 3 that are on 24/7 here at the store... have been for 2 years and haven't had to replace them AND our electric bill has gone DOWN from when we had floods on only 6 hours a day!

so here's a link to a place that literally has thousands to choose from... they now come in all shapes, sizes, types... not just those "ugly" bulky ones (as if that should be a reason to not install them!) ...if you do nothing else this weekend... change some bulbs... the planet will thank you!

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Meari said...

Thanks for the bulb link! I'll be checking it out and buying bulbs!!