March 03, 2008

New Month, New Season, New...

I took an hour or so for myself today... I know, shocker! I got some new jeans (a need), trimmed up ye old hair, and dyed it for the first time in 2 years (my longest stretch in 20 without dying it!)
Aaron's Grandma visited this past week, and I decided it wasn't fair for him to have a mother with more grey hair than 3 out of 4 grandparents... so really it was all for him! hee hee
Today is our first taste of Spring, woohoo! This year I'm trying my hand at some gardening (yep, forcing the black thumb to turn a shade of green). Aaron and I are going to attempt some container gardening on our back deck- strawberries, tomatoes, and lettuce.
Not much else to report in Sam-land. Cross-stitching projects are coming along slowly. I'm trying to dedicate 2 days each week to each of the 3 BAPs (Big A$$ Project), and one for my store door hanger (April is a cute chick under an umbrella and will say "April Showers...."). Knitting has been on the back-burner again... I'm hopping I'll get thumped upside the head someday with some knitting talent, so I can stop doing straigh scraves! hehe

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