March 31, 2008


As Aaron used to call the possible future president- Barak Obama.... WE MET HIM TODAY!!!! There was an unannounced trip to our local candy factory (one of the oldest and best in the country!). Word amongst townsfolk grew, and there were about 100-150 of us that braved the cold rain for several hurs to meet him. I'm still sorta undecided in my vote, but he has sooooo much charisma, just in the quick handshaking we all experienced. (oh, and Dan Rather was there too!)

We were towards the back when he came in, but got closer to the front while he was in the store... one of his campaign guys saw that I had a book, and brought it in to him to sign.. when Barak came back out he saw that I was wearing a bookstore hat and asked if I got the book back!! COOL!!!! Below are photos from our rain-soaked adventure in civics :) (the hand in the last picture is Todd's, and Barak is leaning down shakign Aaron's hand)

Full photo album can be seen here:

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